Happy Birthday To Me!

July 9, 2011 2 comments

Today is my birthday. 

:mrgreen: I’m now 37. (meh)

We aren’t really celebrating this year. No gifts. Money is tight.

…Soooo, anyone have any good “old” jokes to share? I could use a laugh right now…

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The Knits I Can Show

July 7, 2011 2 comments

It is all dark and cloudy this afternoon. It’s been this way all day. I think I saw the sun for about 5 minutes, as it came up over the building, around 7 am. I guess I am alright with the clouds for a change of pace. It was pretty warm the past two days and having a cool day to recover is sort of nice. The cats are enjoying the cooler day too. They are more active. Phinn has been playing and chasing Phoebe around all afternoon. She’s an old biddy and cranky about it, but Phinn is sure having his fun.

Look at that bratty face. He was evil-eyeing Phoebe as I took the photo. You can’t see the twitchy tail. Two seconds after i snapped the photo, he jumped off the couch and went tearing after poor Phoebe. Meh, it keeps her young, right?

Yes, my Vlad Shawl is certainly coming along. I have about 10 rows of the edging chart to knit before I am finished. Done, done, done! The shawl pattern is not as hard as I thought it would be. The shawl looks really intricate and fancy, after blocking. I found it kind of easy to work. This will be my first completed intricate triangular lace shawl ever. I’ve been knitting for over 7 years and it’s about time, right?

I may have to make this shawl again…probably bigger and in a different color, of course. I am anxious to see how much my red Vlad will grow with blocking. I won’t share my blocking process, since it is most embarrassing. My method does work, though. Let’s just say, I need to purchase a blocking board and pins some time soon, if I continue with the lace knitting.

I have also been knitting, slowly and randomly on the Oaklet Shawl. I work on it, while watching TV or listening to my iPod. Right now, it is mostly mindless stockinette. The colors in the yarn are a bit bright and wacky. I do love the bit of sparkle the yarn has going on. I am hoping to wear this one as a triangular neck scarf, more than an actual shawl. This photo of the shawl is not a very good one, since it is all scrunched up on the needle. My size 5 circular needle is currently occupied with a project. So, Oaklet is being knitted on flat needles until such a time that I can transfer it to the circular needle.

I think when these two shawls are completed…I am going to cast on a project that uses at least US # 8 size needles. Maybe even US # 10 needles. I need something quick and larger to work on. This tiny needle and finer yarn project obsession I have going on…is getting a bit crazy. I am considering a cardigan. I always need a cute cardigan to wear. Any suggestions? I’ll look at patterns later.

I’m also knitting on some designs. Three to be exact. I can’t really share them right now. It drives me crazy not to be able to discuss them. I spend more time working on the designs, then all of the above shared shawl business. ~sigh~ I keep telling myself, “Soon. Soon, I can share.” I am also thinking of opening an Etsy Shop to sell a bit of my hand knits. Not sure just yet. I’m always up for making a bit of extra money. I have a huge plastic zip-up bag with tons of over flow hand knits. Hats I have made over the years, mostly samples of my designs. I never wear them. I just put them in the bag, zip it up and put it up in the top of my closet. I only wear a select few knitted hats. Maybe a handful. I would not sell those…just the ones sitting in the bag. I don’t know? Do people really buy hand knitted items from etsy? Just a thought…

My youngest daughter, Hannah, and her friends love to take artsy photos, lately. They go to the park and break out the camera for the afternoon. They are pretty good at it, if I do say so. Not bad for a few 15 year olds. I love the colors in this picture.

I use Hannah as my model for some of my knit designs. Any excuse to put on make up and primp for a 15 year old…is the thing. I am sure to use Han in my upcoming designs. I already warned her to be ready and cooperative.

And that is all I have to share for today. I am going to make myself a home-made iced coffee and watch the evening news for a bit. Then it is off to cook dinner for the family, cleaning a bit. I also need to work on some knitting…I probably won’t get to bed before 1 am. Oh well. Have a great evening, everyone.

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Wordless Wednesday # 3

Summer Of The Shawl

I have been knitting over the past weekend. Mostly on a new sock sample for a new design…and on my red Vlad Shawl. I have knitted about 5 and a half repeat of the body portion of the shawl, in this photo. There are 7 total repeats in the shawl, before the edging begins. Almost done.

I really like knitting on this shawl. It isn’t as confusing and hard as I thought it was, when I first started on it. The pattern still takes a bit of concentration to knit. The yarn is enjoyable to work with, as well. I bought the skein of Knit Picks Gloss Lace with some Christmas money I had, two years ago. It had been sitting in my stash for that long, waiting for me to find a lace shawl pattern to be knitted into. I am quite pleased with how the shawl is coming along.

~knock on wood~ There have been no mistakes in my lace knitting…yet!

I’ve probably just jinxed it.

So, I am calling this my Summer Of Shawls. I have never been one for lace shawls. Not my style. It just wasn’t an interest for me, as a knitter. I always thought of little old ladies with the shawl-wearing. For some reason lace shawls have become my summer obsession this year. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the intricate lace that is attracting me, lately? I love wearing triangular neck scarves, though…so I like the smaller lace shawls for that purpose.

After I complete the above lace shawl I want to make two more shawls. Yes, you read that one right. More shawls! What is wrong with me?

I recently won a lovely skein of Lucy’s Laceweight yarn. I did a search on Ravelry on what to make with this new skein of yarn. I have decided on knitting Citron, from Knitty Winter 2009, with the yarn. Again…a small shawl neck scarf type pattern. I will probably begin this one after completing Vlad. We will see how much time I can allot for personal knitting. Personal knitting as opposed to design sample knitting. I have plenty of that going in the background.

A second shawl I would like to knit soon is the Oaklet Shawl. I have a skein of Berroco Sox Metallic set aside for this one. Rather than knitting a pair of sparkly socks, I am aiming for a neck scarf/shawl.

With all of this lace shawl knitting…I should just take advantage of the obsession and design my own shawl. I am definitely inspired. My brain is beginning to turn…

What is your knitting obsession lately?

Today is another perfect Portland Summer day. 85° and sunshine galore. I love days like this. I love to take my knitting out on the patio… 🙂 Enjoy your day, everyone.

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Holiday Stuff

It’s been mostly a lazy sort of holiday weekend. Hubby and I have been hanging out at home. We aren’t going downtown for the 4th of July, this year. I really wanted to attend the local Blues Festival too. Oh well, there is always next year.

The weather is perfect. Low 80’s and sunshine. Not too hot and not chilly. Just perfect. I have no complaints.

Yesterday evening I had a wild hair to go a-baking. I went into the kitchen with one of my cookbooks and decided to make Jelly Rolls. It’s pretty much a thin sponge-type cake with jelly inside. I used the jelly I had on hand, in the fridge. It’s boysenberry. One of my favorites. The little Jelly Rolls turned out really well. They appear harder to make than they really are. The family likes them too.

I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! 😀


So…this next photo is of my daughter sitting on our front porch. That is our front door. She has some strange friends. I guess toilet papering someone’s home is out these days? Let’s tape drawing and random quotes all over the front door! Hannah’s two friends were bored and made these drawings, mostly of cats, and put them on our door. They thought they were being funny. Several of the neighbors came over to read the notes, wondering what was going on. The friends took this photo and then Hannah took them down, quick-like. It was pretty funny. The photo makes me giggle.

Hannah is like, “WTF?”

Hubby went to take out the trash, this morning, and there is silly string ALL over our front porch. WHY? This time it wasn’t one of Hannah’s little friends. It was one of our 11 year old neighbor boys. He did it a second time, and we saw him do it. What is it about my front door/porch that says, make a mess this weekend? Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

I am off to clean the back patio…scrub the chairs and bench. I am planting my butt out on the patio to knit, later. I’m enjoying the really nice weather while it lasts. Toodles for now!

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Summer Begins

Well, according to this picture…Summer begins.

When it gets hot in the apartment, Phinnegan, sprawls across the floor. He’s sleeping that way. He does this every Summer. I snuck up on him with my digital camera. Poor kitties all covered in furrrrrr.

It was a really nice Summer day here. 82° and sunny. 8) Perfect!

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My Favorite Color: Red

I seem to be on a “red” kick lately. It’s all about the red. It’s a good thing that red is my most favorite color, with blue as a close second. The brighter, the better. I like most colors as long as they are bright. This goes for most anything in my life. Clothing, home decor, knitting, yarn, etc. I just don’t do muted colors, pastels.

So, I managed to finish 4 pattern repeats on the body portion of Vlad, last night. The red color of the yarn is really deeper than the picture shows. My over head lighting seems to have faded it out, this morning. Knock on wood, the shawl is coming along just fine. I’ve probably just jinxed it. I worked on this shawl last night, before going to bed, which then caused me to dream about the damned thing. Yes, I dreamt about shawl knitting. Weird? Probably…


 Oh look, more red yarn. I am actually sharing this yarn…because I recently won this lovely skein of yarn from one of my Ravelry groups. It’s a very similar yarn to the Knit Picks Gloss I am using for the above shawl. The shades of red are different. Anyways, here is the yarn info:

Lucy’s Laceweight by Farmhouse Yarns

(made in the USA)

50% Merino, 50% Tussah Silk

560 yards/50 grams

Color: Cinnabar

So, I will be perusing some lace shawl patterns to see what I’d like to knit with the pretty and soft skein of yarn. I’m not sure just yet.

Okay, that is all for this morning’s post. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. Happy Friday and Happy 4th!

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