My Cats

My cats are like my furry children. My cats appear on my blog quite often and I figured they deserve their own page.

Phinnegan, the cat…a.k.a. Phinn, Phinni, Big Boy, Sir Brat-icus.

Phinn is a four year old Siamese/Orange Tabby mix. We adopted him as a 12 week old kitten, back in August 2007, from a local cat shelter. He’s the sweetest cat ever. Even tempered, social, friendly, playful and loves people. He’s my snuggle-buddy. Phinn is a stickler for routine. He gets upset if the daily routine is ruined for whatever reason. Phinn has the most amazing pale blue eyes. He is a “big boy,” weighing in at almost 15 lbs. Phinn makes appearances on my blog, in photos, most often. He loves the camera and he makes it fun to snap photos of him.

Pixie, the cat…a.k.a. Pix, Pixers, Bitchy McFuzz.

Pixie is our 11 year old Maine Coon mix. We adopted her in June 2000 as an 8 week old kitten from one of Hubby’s coworkers. Pix is a beautiful cat. She’s the meanest cat, to most people. She ONLY likes Hubby and I. She can be quite affectionate to us, but no one else. She hates small children and all other cats. She’s the most vocal of our cats and whines A LOT. She’s anti-social and the family joke is that she’s bipolar. One moment she’s sweet as pie, the next e-v-i-l. She does have the most personality of our cats, though. She follows me around like a lap dog on most days.

Phoebe, the cat…a.k.a Pheebs, Sweets.

Phoebe is our oldest cat. She’s meek, quiet and is mostly my daughters’ cat. We adopted Phoebe as a barely 6 week old, sickly kitten, back in May 1999. She has almost no personality at all. She’s a sweet cat, but only comes around when she wants something. Phoebe rarely meows, just has this blank stare. I am not sure she’s all there, you know? She’s the least photogenic of my cats. Phoebe also walks with a limp and I suspect that she’s getting arthritic these days. The limp is caused from a car/cat injury that required an expensive surgery to fix back in 2001.

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