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A Designer Obsessed

July 13, 2011 2 comments

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…”

My latest design obsession is shown above. I finished a small sample last night and blocked it, to eventually share with the person I will be submitting the design to. I get inspiration from random things. I get an idea and I become obsessed with it…until I finish and it’s out of my head and/or out of my design notebook. Right now, this design is sort of consuming my head. I get a bee in my bonnet and have to go with it.

The post I made before, about being up way too late/early working on charts…is this design. I hand drew the charts, from my head. I had to knit a sample to see if the actual knitted version would look like I imagined and what I had drawn on paper. I need the visual. This is just me.

Can you guess what the inspiration is? If you read the quote above and recognize it, you would know. So, who’s gonna Google it? Cheater! 😉 Alright, I forgive you.

I am not going to share what this design is for, just yet. Things are still in the works. I need to figure out what yarn I want to knit this one in. Knit Picks yarn, maybe? It depends on where I can get my hands on fingering weight yarn in black.

So, the sample is done and I am pleased with it. Now to work on my sock design for today. I am close to finishing the sock samples…I will then be writing out the actual pattern. I can handle a few hours of sock knitting. It just doesn’t seem much like work. Off to “work” I go…


Busy Bee Is Me

This is my view for today. It’s the clean, neat version of my “desk area.” It will get messy real quick, give it 5 minutes. Technically I no longer have a desk. I gave it to the youngest daughter for her studying, upstairs, in her bedroom. I have to convert the dining room table into my desk, when needed. Believe me…the dining table allows for sprawl. I usually have papers, yarn, swatches, spread out over the entire table.

Creativity cannot be contained…

I have way too many design projects in the works. I seem to have inspiration ALL at once. Without giving too much away on my designs, here are what I am working on, in varying degrees of finish-ness.

  • – A new sock design, made for a knit-along that will be going on in September, on ravelry.
  • – A scarf with a lace edging along the side.
  • – A new slouchy hat design made with cotton yarn.
  • – A triangular lace shawl for a new book proposal, in the works. (mummmms the word)

With all four of the designs going on…my brain hurts. I was up until almost 3am last night, errrr morning, working on the charts for the lace shawl. I have discovered that it isn’t enough for me to calculate numbers and chart it out…I have to draw the chart out and visually see it before I “get it.” I drew out one chart over and over again, making adjustments, for hours, last night. I refused to go to bed until I figured it all out. THEN, I layed in bed, while my brain kept going and going.

Seriously, I need to make a morning schedule for all of my designing. I will keep late night for knitting on personal, more relaxing projects. I may be able to sleep better. You think? I can’t help when inspiration strikes. I have learned to keep a notebook nearby for writing down my ideas. Yes, I have gotten up in the middle of the night to write an idea down. I have even had a design idea while in the shower. I get weird timing, sometimes.

Other things I am doing today…House chores. I did half of my “to-do” list yesterday. I am working on the other half, today. A lot of vacuuming will be performed some time today. I need to clean my bedroom, do a load of laundry, vacuum the upstairs and downstairs. I will make the youngest child take out the trash and recycle this too. There will be arguing over it. It may just be easier to do it myself.

Phinn is being Mr. Cuteness this morning. He likes to roll around on the carpet. He will stare at you until you talk to him, then roll into another position and stare again. I call this his “pose.” He poses like this all the time. Phinn also sleeps sprawled like that. He is a bed hog. He will lay on his back, in bed, between Hubby and I. It’s like having a toddler between you all night. Heaven forbid, Hubs and I get in a snuggle. Add in Pixie, my middle cat, and the bed gets quite crowded at night. Pix likes to sleep curled up at my back, on the outside of the bed. Occasionally I wake up and she is wrapped around my head, on the pillow. One day I will be smothered by my cat…

Phinn is such a rolly-polly. I leave you to admire his cuteness. Off to work I go. Have a great day, everyone.

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