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Finished: Vlad

I am happy to report that I have finished my Vlad. I completed it on Saturday, my birthday. I blocked the shawl for most of yesterday. Blocking lace is not one of my strong suits. I am surprised it turned out looking fabulous.

This is my first triangular lace shawl. Well, one that I have managed to finish, anyway. Also, this is my first time using lace-weight yarn for any project. Remind me later, how crazy that is. Right now, I am riding the “I finished it” high.

I love, love, love this shawl. It wasn’t as hard to knit it, as it appears. It looks so pretty and delicate. It’s so beautiful that I want to frame it, rather than wear it. Silly me. I am ridiculously proud of this shawl.

Info On The Shawl:

Pattern: Vlad, by Tammy Bailey, a free download on Ravelry.

Yarn: 1 skein of Knit Picks Gloss Lace (440 yards) 70% merino wool, 30% silk, in #24502 Fiesta. I love the yarn. It was my first try with it. It’s sooooo soft.

Needles: US # 5 circular throughout.

Size: One size

Mods: None. Knitted the pattern as written.

Time: 12 days from start to finish.

Verdict: LOVE! The shawl came out beautiful. I can’t gush about it enough. I knitted this shawl as a knit-along for the True Blood group I belong to on Ravelry. It was a lot of fun to knit the shawl with other fans. It kept me going…I recommend the pattern. It is mostly charts, but not hard to follow at all. I want to make another Vlad…in a different color. I also think I will make it bigger too. That is easily done by adding more “body repeats.”


True Blood, True Love

June 27, 2011 3 comments

I know, I know…I have been a bad blogger this past week. All I can say is that “life stuff” tends to get in the way, sometimes. I have been knitting like a mad woman, behind the scenes. I am also working on designs too. Most of those I don’t discuss, in depth, on the blog. At least for now. I haven’t finished any knitting projects in a while. Shame, shame.

I did begin a new project. Yeah, like I really needed a new project to work on. I could not resist this one. I joined the True Blood Season 4 Knit-Along on Ravelry. The chosen project for the knit-along is Vlad, a lace shawl/scarf. It’s a free download over on Ravelry. The shawl is sooooo pretty.

I chose to use my one skein of Knit Picks Gloss Lace in “fiesta” for my shawl. So far, I am loving the feel of the yarn and the color. I love red! I cast on the shawl about an hour before the premiere of Season 4. There was no way I was knitting on the shawl during the show. I also worked on the shawl another hour after the show ended. I have completed the set-up chart and two body repeats of the shawl. So far, the shawl is not overly hard to knit, but takes severe concentration. Using stitch markers to map out the repeats is a bit ridiculous. The repeats cause the “markers” to be moved around a bit. Okay, it’s a pain in the ass. The pattern calls for 7 body repeats. I may try to swing 8 repeats, depending on how much yarn is used up. I only have 440 yards to work with. We will see.

I am so thrilled that True Blood is back for another season. It just isn’t summer around here, without my favorite show to watch. It gives me something to watch and look forward to every Sunday. The premiere did not disappoint, but some of the storylines…not sure yet. I am trying to reserve judgement. If you don’t want to know what happened, last night, don’t read any further.


Just a few of my jumbled thoughts on the premiere…here goes:

WTF is up with the time lapse. Over a year passed in Bon Temps, by the time Sookie came back to town? It took me a bit to get over that. Things can change a lot in year. Jason also sold her house (Gran’s house). Not cool. We don’t find out the buyer of Sookie’s home, until the end. I was pleasantly surprised. Eric purchased her house. I am trying to come up with ways, in my head, that Eric could use the house against her, or hold it over her head. Hmmm…Bill is now the King of Lousiana. I did not see that one coming. I don’t like this at all. This means that Bill is “above” Eric in the vampire hierarchy…and will most likely cause trouble for Eric and Sookie. I can see Bill being Mr Petty Jealous. Hoyt and Jessica…Uh oh, trouble in couple-ville. I loved their argument. I totally grossed out at Hoyt eating the raw eggs. EWWWW! I love Pam and her “Paminess.” She cracks me up. Love her. Ummm…Tara. What is she doing? I get that she is a little crazy and trying to distance herself from her life in Bon Temps. Who can blame her? She is going by another name, lying about where she is from, and lastly…kissing on women. Eventually, she will have to go home. I can’t wait to see what happens with that. Lafayette. I love him. I hated his new hair…the mohawk was just not working for me. Jesus has become a nag over the Lafayette joining “the coven.” I smell trouble, of course. Marnie is EFFING creepy. Arlene is just a kooky as ever. I love Terry, though. He makes me smile. I died laughing with the “evil Renee baby” ripping off all the barbie heads. Arlene is convinced the baby is not right. Terry just said that he is being a typical boy. Please, don’t make the baby evil. This will just fuel Arlene’s craziness. What else? Oh, the whole Fairy-land thing. I am not sure what the show is doing with this whole story. It was bizarre, weird. Are they setting up a Fairy war, or something? Claudine lured Sookie over to that realm. What does that say about her and the whole fairy godmother thing? Claude is the one who helped her back to Bon Temps. Interesting…? Jason and the whole Hot Shot story line…is kind of predictable, if you have read the books. I saw the freezer and knew that he would be locked in there, some how. Jason is all Mr. Responsible now, a sheriff. I don’t know what to make of that just yet. OMG, the ending…Eric shows up in Sookie’s home and told her that he owns the house and I practically shivered when he told her that she is HIS, with fang. ~sigh~ A cliffhanger, for sure.

Episode 2 is already available to watch. I refuse. I am waiting for next week to watch episode 2. I’ll be good. I am still mulling over last night’s episode. So much going on.

Alright, I am off to begin my morning chores. Then some knitting, design work, etc. Have a fabulous Monday, everyone.

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Three Seasons Of True Blood In Under 5 Minutes

June 21, 2011 2 comments
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A True Blood S4 KAL

It’s no secret that I am bonkers over True Blood. It is my one “geek out” thing. Huge fan! Also, TB is the one television show that Hubby and I watch together. We rarely agree on shows, movies, etc. Season 4 of True Blood begins on Sunday, June 26th on HBO. I can’t wait.

I belong to the True Blood group on Ravelry. No surprise there. Every season of the show, there is a knit along (KAL) within the group. Everyone gets together to knit one project, usually vampire themed. This year’s True Blood KAL project is Vlad. The pattern is a free downloadable  lace shawl. It’s very pretty…and vampy.

The yarn I plan to use…Knit Picks Gloss Lace in # 24502 Fiesta (440 yards of yummy merino and silk blend). I love this color of yarn. Red is my favorite color. I have downloaded the pattern already. I have to wind up the yarn and wait for the night of TB S4 premiere on the 26th. Waiting Sucks!

I do have a lot of other projects to finish first. I admit that I have not been that great with the finishing lately. Usually, I am so good with it. I go through phases, I guess. I feel the need to begin new knitting/crochet projects…then I lose steam. I also tend to work on different projects for different moods, reasons, time frame, etc. For example, my Cable Car Coat is buried in my knitting basket. I haven’t worked on it in weeks. Why? Well, it is more of a cooler weather project. I don’t feel like working on it. Socks, Summery things, shawls are what I want to knit right now. I still would love to finish the coat, but it will sit until late Summer, probably.

Am I the only one that knits this way? I’m kind of moody that way, I guess. Okay, enough babbling for his morning. I have oodles to do and knitting to finish before I can begin the Vlad Shawl. I wonder how many projects I can finish before the 26th?

Anyone else joining in the True Blood KAL this season? Do tell…

A Little True Blood Obsessing

June 1, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday was the release of True Blood Season 3. I did a bit of research and found that the cheapest place to purchase the third season is at Target. Last year, I bought Season Two for $32.99 on Amazon +plus shipping and the waiting a week. True Blood Season Three is $29.99 at Target right now. Also, an FYI seasons one and two are on sale for $19.99 at Target too.

Better yet! Target has the Season Three Signature Collection boxes.

You can get Bill, Sookie, or Eric signature boxes of Season Three. Hubby bought me the “Eric Signature Box” of Season Three. He knows I loooove me some Eric-ness. Isn’t Hubs the sweetest?

Since we are on the topic of True Blood. I finally got a frame for my poster and hung it on the wall. I won this True Blood Poster off of eBay about 6 weeks ago. I completely forgot about it. Hubby remembered to buy a frame for it last night. So, now it hangs in my living room.My youngest daughter thinks it’s cheesy to hang it in the living room. I don’t care…

Yes! 8) I am a True Blood NERD! I am not one for totally geeking out about things. True Blood is an exception, I suppose. I do believe that sometime this week, Hubby and I are going to begin a Season Three marathon in preparation for the premiere of Season 4, beginning on June 26th.

I can’t wait!

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