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A True Blood S4 KAL

It’s no secret that I am bonkers over True Blood. It is my one “geek out” thing. Huge fan! Also, TB is the one television show that Hubby and I watch together. We rarely agree on shows, movies, etc. Season 4 of True Blood begins on Sunday, June 26th on HBO. I can’t wait.

I belong to the True Blood group on Ravelry. No surprise there. Every season of the show, there is a knit along (KAL) within the group. Everyone gets together to knit one project, usually vampire themed. This year’s True Blood KAL project is Vlad. The pattern is a free downloadable  lace shawl. It’s very pretty…and vampy.

The yarn I plan to use…Knit Picks Gloss Lace in # 24502 Fiesta (440 yards of yummy merino and silk blend). I love this color of yarn. Red is my favorite color. I have downloaded the pattern already. I have to wind up the yarn and wait for the night of TB S4 premiere on the 26th. Waiting Sucks!

I do have a lot of other projects to finish first. I admit that I have not been that great with the finishing lately. Usually, I am so good with it. I go through phases, I guess. I feel the need to begin new knitting/crochet projects…then I lose steam. I also tend to work on different projects for different moods, reasons, time frame, etc. For example, my Cable Car Coat is buried in my knitting basket. I haven’t worked on it in weeks. Why? Well, it is more of a cooler weather project. I don’t feel like working on it. Socks, Summery things, shawls are what I want to knit right now. I still would love to finish the coat, but it will sit until late Summer, probably.

Am I the only one that knits this way? I’m kind of moody that way, I guess. Okay, enough babbling for his morning. I have oodles to do and knitting to finish before I can begin the Vlad Shawl. I wonder how many projects I can finish before the 26th?

Anyone else joining in the True Blood KAL this season? Do tell…


A Little True Blood Obsessing

June 1, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday was the release of True Blood Season 3. I did a bit of research and found that the cheapest place to purchase the third season is at Target. Last year, I bought Season Two for $32.99 on Amazon +plus shipping and the waiting a week. True Blood Season Three is $29.99 at Target right now. Also, an FYI seasons one and two are on sale for $19.99 at Target too.

Better yet! Target has the Season Three Signature Collection boxes.

You can get Bill, Sookie, or Eric signature boxes of Season Three. Hubby bought me the “Eric Signature Box” of Season Three. He knows I loooove me some Eric-ness. Isn’t Hubs the sweetest?

Since we are on the topic of True Blood. I finally got a frame for my poster and hung it on the wall. I won this True Blood Poster off of eBay about 6 weeks ago. I completely forgot about it. Hubby remembered to buy a frame for it last night. So, now it hangs in my living room.My youngest daughter thinks it’s cheesy to hang it in the living room. I don’t care…

Yes! 8) I am a True Blood NERD! I am not one for totally geeking out about things. True Blood is an exception, I suppose. I do believe that sometime this week, Hubby and I are going to begin a Season Three marathon in preparation for the premiere of Season 4, beginning on June 26th.

I can’t wait!

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