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A Designer Obsessed

July 13, 2011 2 comments

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…”

My latest design obsession is shown above. I finished a small sample last night and blocked it, to eventually share with the person I will be submitting the design to. I get inspiration from random things. I get an idea and I become obsessed with it…until I finish and it’s out of my head and/or out of my design notebook. Right now, this design is sort of consuming my head. I get a bee in my bonnet and have to go with it.

The post I made before, about being up way too late/early working on charts…is this design. I hand drew the charts, from my head. I had to knit a sample to see if the actual knitted version would look like I imagined and what I had drawn on paper. I need the visual. This is just me.

Can you guess what the inspiration is? If you read the quote above and recognize it, you would know. So, who’s gonna Google it? Cheater! 😉 Alright, I forgive you.

I am not going to share what this design is for, just yet. Things are still in the works. I need to figure out what yarn I want to knit this one in. Knit Picks yarn, maybe? It depends on where I can get my hands on fingering weight yarn in black.

So, the sample is done and I am pleased with it. Now to work on my sock design for today. I am close to finishing the sock samples…I will then be writing out the actual pattern. I can handle a few hours of sock knitting. It just doesn’t seem much like work. Off to “work” I go…


Oregon Grape Socks

Good news!

I’m so happy to say that my Oregon Grape Socks are up on the Knit Picks website and ready for download, this morning. I hope that you will enjoy the pattern and love the finished socks as much as I do.

I’m very proud of these socks. They turned out so much better than I could have hoped for. I love the yarn. Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn is one of my all time favorites to work with. Knit Picks has such a wide variety of tonal colors to choose from.

I’ve already entered the sock pattern into the Ravelry database. The Oregon Grape Socks pattern page is here.

So, go and download my Oregon Grape Socks for $1.99, grab a skein of Stroll Tonal while you’re at it, and knit yourself a pair of great Summertime socks.

Enjoy and Happy Knitting! 🙂

Sometimes I Need To Pay Attention

June 28, 2011 2 comments

Wow, I am writing two posts in one day. It happens.  Why am I writing again…?

Sometimes I need to pay attention. It’s is really true. I tend to get busy and I forget small things. Scatter-brained, forgetful and all that. This time I forgot something pretty damned big. It’s something exciting, great, wonderful.

So, over a year ago I submitted one of my hat patterns to a Knitting 2012 Calendar. I didn’t hear back about the calendar, or my submission. I simply forgot about it. It did not enter my mind once. I tend to get a lot of email and occasionally emails get lost in the shuffle. Last week, I saw an email, in my inbox, about the Knitting Calendar. I get a lot of emails and I have submitted to calendars before. So, I ended up skimming the email and deleting it. Again, it did not jog my memory, that I submitted to it.

About 2:30pm the mailman knocked on my door and left a package for me. I wasn’t expecting anything. I was baffled. Who would be sending me something? The return address is a publishing company. Hmmmm?

I opened it and there is my free copy of Knitting: 100+ Patterns Throughout the Year: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar. I thought about it and thought, okay maybe I submitted something. I kind of remember…I went to my email and began digging through my trash bin to find the email I had previously deleted. I found it and actually read it word for word. Yes, one of my patterns was accepted and is published in this calendar. So, the calendar in the package is my free copy as a designer.


My Isabella Hat is published on January 18th, in the calendar.

I’m so excited and it’s great news. So, it all turned out fabulous.

Really, I need to pay attention, though. Remember things like where I submit patterns. I need to get organized. Just for the record, I do remember submitting the hat. I just did not know that my pattern was actually accepted.

That’s my happy news for the day. I am now off to do some house chores. Off the computer for the afternoon. Toodles!

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