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Happy Birthday To Me!

July 9, 2011 2 comments

Today is my birthday. 

:mrgreen: I’m now 37. (meh)

We aren’t really celebrating this year. No gifts. Money is tight.

…Soooo, anyone have any good “old” jokes to share? I could use a laugh right now…

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Sort Of All Over The Place

It’s been a weird week for me. I’m sort of all over the place, trying to keep myself busy. If I am busy, I have less time to think. The less I think, the less I want to get all teary-eyed. I’m trying to adjust to life without my oldest daughter around. I miss her terribly. I know as time passes it will get easier. It’s only been four days since she left. I also worry about Taelor. She’s in boot camp and we have limited contact with each other. I won’t hear from her until she actually writes me a letter. This is a real change for me. Usually I hear from Tae several times a day, via phone call or text. So, not hearing anything at all about how she is faring at boot camp is killing me. I keep telling myself, “I’m sure she’s fine!” The US Marines will be good for her. I will not cry. I simply refuse.

So, moving on…the youngest daughter, Hannah, is busy with last minute school stuff, before the end of the year coming up. It’s finals this week and two days of next week. There has been quite a bit of studying going on. Hannah has pretty much completed her freshman year of high school. She received an award recently for being on the honor roll. 🙂 I have also seen some of her class schedule for next year. There are a few classes that we are waiting to hear from, due to availability. For example, Hannah wants to work on the school newspaper. That would be one of her electives. We have to wait and see if the class is full or not. We won’t find out until late August, probably. Classes we do know…US History, Chemistry, and Algebra 2. Hannah also is entering two honor classes (advanced) next year. She had letters of recommendation, from her teachers, for Honors English and Honors French 5 & 6. Taelor speaks German and French. Hannah focuses only on French. My daughters have always excelled at languages, as did I, back in the day. Lastly, Hannah and I are in discussions on whether or not she can join her high school’s dance team next year. I’m stuck on the price of participating…roughly it would cost me about $1000. I’m just not sure yet. There’s dance camp, uniforms, practices, etc.

The weather is finally beginning to cooperate with the season. It’s not summer-like just yet, but Spring. I’ll take it! I am so sick of the chilly, rainy, gray weather. It’s in the upper 60’s to mid-70’s this week. The sun is shining too. I have no complaints. Perfect temperatures and partly cloudy. I’ve been sleeping with my bedroom window open. Not good for my allergies, but it keeps the room comfortable.

The Rose Festival is in it’s last week. This week is known as Fleet Week. All of the Navy, Coast Guard and Canadian Maritime ships dock in downtown Portland. Yum. Men in uniform. Yes, I am married, but I can still look, right? I am heading downtown this weekend to check out the awesome ships and cute boys. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I will try to get decent photos…

What else?

I’m still knitting…on many projects. The one that just does not seem to show much progress is the Birch Leaf Shawl. I swear, I knit on it as often as possible. Usually one pattern repeat (8 rows) per sitting. The shawl collects more and more stitches, which in turn makes slower time for each row. Plus, the shawl stitches look scrunched. Once I block the finished shawl, the lace will open up. Until then…it’s slow going. It may take me all summer to finish this shawl, but I am determined. Determined, I tell ya.

So, that’s about all I have to share for this morning. I better get busy knitting some more. I also have some cleaning chores to do today. I am off to begin all of the stuff that fills my day. I may fit in a nap too. 🙂

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Getting Used To The Hair

May 29, 2011 2 comments

Hubby and I went downtown for a little while, this afternoon. I am still getting used to the short hair. I am not sure having short hair makes my “get ready” time any shorter? I spend less time on the hair. I have been trying to wear make up more often. I have make up…just need to make a point to use more than once every 6 months, you know? Since cutting my hair off last Tuesday…I have worn makeup three times. Go me! 🙂

I saw a lot of women, downtown with short hair cuts. It seems to be the popular thing to do…cut off the hair. On the bus, into the city, there were four of us with short hair. Interesting…

So, this is what I looked like when I left the apartment. I wore a black/purple print, cowl neck dress. I wore some light blue dangly earrings and black flats, a.k.a. my walking shoes. When you walk around downtown…you need good walking shoes. Trust me.

Hubby and I are home alone tonight. No kids. This makes me happy. We are rarely home alone anymore. What shall we do with ourselves? Most likely we will watch a movie on Netflix, have some alcohol and chill out on the couch. Parrrrr-tayyyy! 😛

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