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Holiday Stuff

It’s been mostly a lazy sort of holiday weekend. Hubby and I have been hanging out at home. We aren’t going downtown for the 4th of July, this year. I really wanted to attend the local Blues Festival too. Oh well, there is always next year.

The weather is perfect. Low 80’s and sunshine. Not too hot and not chilly. Just perfect. I have no complaints.

Yesterday evening I had a wild hair to go a-baking. I went into the kitchen with one of my cookbooks and decided to make Jelly Rolls. It’s pretty much a thin sponge-type cake with jelly inside. I used the jelly I had on hand, in the fridge. It’s boysenberry. One of my favorites. The little Jelly Rolls turned out really well. They appear harder to make than they really are. The family likes them too.

I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! 😀


So…this next photo is of my daughter sitting on our front porch. That is our front door. She has some strange friends. I guess toilet papering someone’s home is out these days? Let’s tape drawing and random quotes all over the front door! Hannah’s two friends were bored and made these drawings, mostly of cats, and put them on our door. They thought they were being funny. Several of the neighbors came over to read the notes, wondering what was going on. The friends took this photo and then Hannah took them down, quick-like. It was pretty funny. The photo makes me giggle.

Hannah is like, “WTF?”

Hubby went to take out the trash, this morning, and there is silly string ALL over our front porch. WHY? This time it wasn’t one of Hannah’s little friends. It was one of our 11 year old neighbor boys. He did it a second time, and we saw him do it. What is it about my front door/porch that says, make a mess this weekend? Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

I am off to clean the back patio…scrub the chairs and bench. I am planting my butt out on the patio to knit, later. I’m enjoying the really nice weather while it lasts. Toodles for now!

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Photos From This Week

June 25, 2011 1 comment

Since I haven’t had much to share the past few days. I’ll share some random photos of the week. Here goes…

Pixie, in the window.

A bowl of fruit. Grapefruit, apples and black plums.

A friend visiting my backyard, watching me cook dinner.

A cellphone pic of the highway near where I live.

Phinn taking a cat nap. Cute!

Just me, yesterday.

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Working On The Knits

Seriously, it’s been a rather boring day around here. I haven’t been online too much, either. I’m trying to finish some of the ongoing knitting project that I have right now. I work on one project, put it away and pick up another. I really need to pick a worsted weight and US #8 needle-type project next time. It goes so much faster, for me. Right now, I feel like I am in tiny knitting needle hell. It just never ends.

In this picture…I am knitting on a hat called Little Things. The bottom brim is knitted on US # 2 needles and the body of the hat is on US # 4. Very slow progress indeed. I am in no hurry to finish this hat. It is one of my leisure projects. I love the turquoise color.

The lace shawl (not shown) is driving me nuts. I want it to be finished already, but I still have a ways to go yet. Again, tiny needles and lace weight yarn. Soooo slow to show any form of progress. I am a fairly fast knitter. The 8 row repeat is taking me roughly 1.5 hours to do. The shawl gets bigger, I swear. I will take some progress photos tomorrow. It’s too overcast today to get any good lighting.

I am also working on a sock design at the moment. I must finish these socks in about a month. The colors are really much brighter than shown in the picture. I am calling these socks “Hard Candy.” They are set to be released in late August or early September. I am designing these for a knit-along on Ravelry. These socks are pretty loud, wacky and fun to knit, so far.

What else? Oh, I got my Oregon Grape Socks photo back from Knit Picks. I will be updating the PDF pattern with the new photo and sending the finished PDF back to Knit Picks tomorrow. I am sure the sock pattern will be released soon. I loved knitting and designing those socks too. The yarn was great and the color lovely. I will share more information on my socks design soon. Really soon.

In life stuff, my allergies are really bothering me, since yesterday. I slept awful…couldn’t breathe for most of the night. Wheezing, cough, sniffling, sneezing, the itch, watery eyes, etc. It’s just ridiculous. I’ve encountered two people, just today, that are complaining about their allergies too. So, it’s not just me. I admit, some days are worse than others, as far as allergies. Yesterday was one of the worst by far. I’ve had to wear my glasses a lot today for various reasons…and I have had to take them off every 5 minutes to wipe my eyes or blow my nose. 😦 Grrrrr…

I think I need a haircut again soon. Since I now have short hair…I like to keep it neat and really short. It’s a personal preference. Once my hair gets to a certain length, my curls come back. They get quite unruly too. You know, I really haven’t missed my long hair as much as I thought I would. Last June, I had hair almost to my waist. I was getting tired of it and chopped it off to my shoulders. I think I missed my long-long hair more when I cut it to my shoulders. Once I decided to cut that off too and go really short…I just decided that I wanted an easy haircut. I don’t miss my hair at all. I love the short hair. I love that I have saved money on hair products. Before, with my long hair…I would use one bottle of conditioner in less than a week. Now, with my short hair, I am using the same bottle of conditioner in the last month. I’ve probably save about $20 in the past month just on conditioner. 😀  Hey, it adds up over time.

Alright, I am ending this entry. It’s time to get up and begin preparing dinner. I’m making home-made burgers and fries. So healthy, I know. It sounded really good. Beef!

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A Look At Part Of My Home

The living room, where I spend 75% of my time...knitting or reading.

My townhouse-style  apartment is a small one, only two bedrooms and one bathroom. If I can say it’s 900 square feet of living space, I’d be pushing it. Most of the time, the smallness of my apartment doesn’t bother me. It is easier to clean and keep up with. The living room is the biggest space in the apartment and that’s not all that big. In the photo, to the left, I am standing at the stairs/wall to get the picture.

The two bedrooms are one of my complaints. There is a decent sized bedroom and a really small one. Not much room up there. When we first moved into this apartment back in July of 2005, Hubby and I took the larger bedroom and put both girls in the small bedroom. They had bunk beds and were mostly okay with this. As the girls got older…they wanted their own spaces. So, we switched bedrooms. The girls got the bigger bedroom and their bunk beds came apart, into twin beds.

Hubby and I spent almost four years in the smaller bedroom and I hated every moment of it. It was tiny, claustrophobic and just cramped. A queen-sized bed did not allow for more than a walkway around the room. I rarely spent time in the bedroom, only for sleeping. It sucked all around.

My oldest daughter left home late last week, to boot camp for the US Marines. Her stuff is all packed and stored in a few boxes in the closet. The youngest daughter decided that she wanted the smallest bedroom. It’s big enough for one person/child. I practically jumped at this chance…to get out of the tiny bedroom. Hell yeah!

Can you tell I love the color red?

We spent all day, last Saturday, switching the bedrooms and cleaning. It was exhausting, but worth it. I now reside in the larger bedroom. I can breathe.

As you can see, Phinn (the cat) doesn’t care what room he’s in, as long as his special white blankie is there…He has to have his blanket. I am so not kidding. He is a spoiled kitty cat, wouldn’t you say?

I really, really want to go to IKEA one of these days and buy a bed frame. You know, one with an awesome headboard? Some nice night stands and bookshelves, etc. I’ve never had nice bedroom furniture. Well, we decorated the rest of the apartment, the kids room included, all with IKEA furniture. My bedroom became the mix-match, leftover,  junk furniture for some reason. It has always been this way. An extra chair? Shove it in my bedroom. Don’t have space for this book shelf in the kids room? We have to stick in my room, etc. There is no rhyme or reason to anything in my room, other than the color of my bed spread. RED! My current night stand is a plastic 4 drawer thingy on wheels, that holds my yarn stash. The drawer thing used to hold all of the kids little toys back in the day. I try the best with what I have for now.

It’s time for grown up furniture!

My cluttered bookshelves. Books! One of my loves.

This is the opposite wall from the bed. Bookshelves! That is as neat as it gets. I got rid of soooo many books recently. These are what’s left. My favorite novels, series, etc. There are a few books downstairs on the living room shelf, but the rest of my books collection resides either on my laptop or on my Kindle.

I also got rid of a lot of stuffed animals. We kept two of my teddy bears, a stuffed dog that was Tae’s and the big brown bear that I gave to Hubs a few years ago. My shoes on the bottom, left. I downsized my shoes collection by at least half, so they would fit on the bottom shelf. I still have quite a few shoes. I have not actually counted how many pairs are housed on the shelf. I would have put the shoes all in the closet, but the larger bedroom has the smaller closet and we are pressed for space as it is. I had to go through my clothes to make them fit into the smaller closet. The unnecessary had to go.

I also kept all of Tae’s collection of National Geographics. All the bright yellow-ness. I am such a nerd, that I kept them. I love to read them, I admit it. I could not, in good conscience, throw them out.

Not shown in my bedroom photos are the two dressers along my side of the bed/wall. Also, not shown is the closet with a TV stand to the left of it. These areas are unfinished, a work in progress. I need to fix the bottom drawers of the dressers. Both of them refuse to close. Hubby need to take them apart and fix them. Also, the right side of the room has laundry in view. Two full baskets with laundry that I really need to catch up on. Yeah, yeah, I will.

So, this is my bigger bedroom…It still needs decorating help, but for now, I am just so thrilled to be in the larger bedroom. Have I already said that?

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Day Of Domestics

It’s back to the routine, after a three day weekend. It’s hard for me to get back into the swing of things. It’s hard to get into the “Summer feel” of things too. It’s cloudy, cool and rainy here. Blegh, I say. I do have my back patio door open right now. It’s 56 degrees and the sun is shining for the moment. Give it five minutes and it will be raining. It’s one of those weird weather days.

So, in an effort to get back to the norm. I’ve been knitting on my lace shawl and cooking. I cleaned a lot of the apartment up, yesterday. That saved me from doing the cleaning today. More time to knit. I have three projects that I am working on in a “current” capacity. The Birch Leaf Lace Shawl. A pair of socks, which are a new design of mine. I am also knitting on the Sage Remedy Top. I knit on these projects at different points of my day. A little here and a little there. I haven’t been working on anything quick and easy. I haven’t finished a project since early May. I am thinking of looking up some hats appropriate for short hair. Any ideas?

What have I been cooking ALL Day? I am trying another new recipe. I’m making Vegetarian Chili, from scratch. I’ve been chopping, cooking since about 10 am, this morning. All day simmering. The yummy smell has been driving me crazy for the last hour or so. There are four different kind of beans, chopped onions, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes, etc. Also, the seasonings…

I will be serving this tonight with some cornbread. 😛 YUM!

So, that’s my day for today. The house stuff, some knitting and cooking. Some might find this a bit boring, but I like it. My fun and excitement can sometimes be…if my chili turns out awesome.

Alright, I am off to clean up the kitchen before dinner. Clean out the cat box. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a shower for myself?

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