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What’s In Your Beach Bag?

June 15, 2011 4 comments

I read a lot. No really, I can read about five novels per week, if I have the time. I read fast. I usually have a hard time keeping a supply of books on hand. My Amazon Kindle has changed that a bit. I have over 1,000 ebooks to read, either stored on my laptop or on my Kindle.  What’s In Your Beach Bag? is pretty much what I plan to read over the Summer. In all honesty, I won’t be making it to the beach this year. It’s Oregon…and the weather is not very warm, lately. So, we are having a pretend beach bag, in my case. No sand between my toes.

More than likely, I will be parked out on my back patio with my iced tea and a book/Kindle.

  What Do I plan to read this Summer?

Water For Elephants, by Sara Gruen.

I started this book a few weeks ago and haven’t gotten past chapter one. I want to read this book first, as a Summer read. I just haven’t had the time to read it. I haven’t seen the movie, so my opinion of it, is not tainted in any way.

“Stripped of everything after his parents’ untimely death, twenty-three-year old Jacob Jankowski has failed to sit for his veterinary exams at Cornell, left with no home and no future, the country struggling through the Great Depression, bartering in goods instead of money. Hopping a train that by chance belongs to The Flying Squadron of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth.”

Wicked: The Life & Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West, by Gregory Maguire.

I actually have four books by this author. Three from the “Wicked” series and the other is Mirror, Mirror. I plan to only read the first one this Summer…to get started. I have been wanting to read these novels for about a year. I have to begin somewhere. I have always loved The Wizard Of Oz. It would be an interesting read to see the other half of the story.

“Born with green skin and huge teeth, like a dragon, the free-spirited Elphaba grows up to be an anti-totalitarian agitator, an animal-rights activist, a nun, then a nurse who tends the dying?and, ultimately, the headstrong Wicked Witch of the West in the land of Oz.”

The Next Best Thing, by Kristan Higgins.

I have to read a mindless chick-lit book, right? I love reading mindless romance, sometimes. This contemporary tale looked interesting. Usually, I like to read more historical type romances, but this one will do for a change of pace.

“Lucy Lang became a widow in her late twenties when her husband Jimmy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car. She blames it on the family curse: her mother and her aunts all lost their husbands at relatively young ages, and now she and The Black Widows, as she calls them, channel their energy into running their Hungarian bakery.”

A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick.

This book had mixed reviews on Amazon, from readers, but I plan to read this one and making my own judgement. I have a feeling this one will not be a light-hearted sort of read. I like variety.

“When wealthy businessman Ralph Truitt stood on the icy railroad platform waiting for the late train to deposit his mail order wife-to-be before him, he was expecting a woman of plain appearance with a missionary history; someone who could presumably make his house into a home and who could withstand the pressures of living in a still untamed country. That was what his ad had asked for: a reliable wife. Ralph Truitt was in for a surprise. “

The Witches Of Eastwick, by John Updike.

I have seen the movie, years ago. I found the book and wanted to read it to see if it’s better than the movie. Isn’t that usually the case? I guess we’ll find out.

“In a small New England town in that hectic era when the sixties turned into the seventies, there lived three witches. Alexandra Spoffard, a sculptress, could create thunderstorms. Jane Smart, a cellist, could fly. The local gossip columnist, Sukie Rougemont, could turn milk into cream. Divorced but hardly celibate, the wonderful witches one day found themselves quite under the spell of the new man in town, Darryl Van Horne, whose strobe-lit hot tub room became the scene of satanic pleasures.”

Emma, by Jane Austen.

I always try to read a good classic novel in the Summer months. I have read all of the Jane Austen novels, except Emma. I picked this one as my classic for this Summer. I may “Netflix” the movie after I finish the novel.

“Emma Woodhouse is a young woman who is the socialite of her small English town of Highbury. She is beautiful and wealthy and popular. This novel displays this young woman’s journey to self-discovery and love; along the way she humorously meddles in everyone’s lives. Her romantic blunders are extremely fun to read about.”

The Darkest Night, by Gena Showalter.

I know there is a whole series of Lords Of The Underworld books. I think I only have three of them. I plan to read all three this Summer. The other two in the series that I have are:  The Darkest Kiss and The Darkest Pleasure.

Have I mentioned my LOVE for paranormal novels?

The Darkest Night:

“All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she’ll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member — a man trapped in a hell of his own.”

You Slay Me (Aisling Grey, Guardian Book 1), by Katie MacAlister.

I have all four books in this series. I want to read them all in order. I have enjoyed other Katie MacAlister novels and hope these will be just as fun to read. Dragons!

“All Aisling Grey had to do was deliver a centuries old, gold dragon statue to her uncle’s client in Paris, but instead she finds the woman murdered and a strange, sexy man lingering nearby.”

The other books in the series are: Fire Me Up: Book 2, Light My Fire: Book 3, Holy Smokes: Book 4.

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening, by L.J.Smith.

Ah yes, young adult fiction. I spent a Summer, not long ago, reading all of the Twilight series. So, this year I will delve into The Vampire Diaries. Blame it on the television show! I want to read the books to compare the two. I simply can’t help myself. I think I have four of the books. I will have to look on my Kindle and get back to you on that.

A deadly love triangle. Elena: beautiful and popular, the girl who can have any guy she wants. Stefan: brooding and mysterious, desperately trying to resist his desire for Elena . . . for her own good. Damon: sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him. Elena finds herself drawn to both brothers . . . who will she choose?

These are the books that I really want to read this Summer. I am sure to add a bunch more in between these books, for filler. I can’t go too long without a medieval romance, sexy vampires or a good murder mystery novel.

What are you reading this Summer? Do you have any book suggestions for me to add to my list of hot weather reads?

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