About Me

My first name is Rilana. It’s pronounced “ree-loh-nuh.” I also answer to “Lana.” I was named after a heroine in a German Novel/TV series (Arpad, der Zigeuner) that my mother loved in the 70’s. I’m of mostly German descent with a little bit of Irish mixed in for added temper. I was born in Germany and lived there, most of the time, until I was ten years old. I have lived many places in the USA too. To name a few…Maryland, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Washington and Oregon.

I currently reside in a small townhouse-style apartment in Portland, Oregon. I love PDX! I consider myself a Pacific Northwest girl, having lived in the Northwest since 1994. I love the rain, the climate, the people, scenery, etc. Portland is the best city ever. No other place like it…

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, been together since 1989, and we have two daughters. My oldest daughter, Taelor, is a US Marine. My youngest daughter, Hannah, is in high school. Add in three cats and my family is complete. Phoebe, Pixie and Phinnegan are my cats. There is never a dull moment with the cat-shennanigans that go on around here.

I’m a knitter. I can crochet as well. I prefer to knit, mostly. Both my Oma and Mother were knitters/crocheters too. It runs in the family. I learned to crochet in 1989 from my mother. I have been knitting since early 2004. I am a self-taught knitter. I knit and crochet right-handed, despite my actually being left-handed. I’m a knitwear designer. I design patterns for Knit Picks and also have been published in calendars and knitting books. I did work as a freelance web and graphic designer for several years. Knit designing is much more fun. I get to play with yarn and needles a lot of my day. What’s not to love?

Knitterly Things…I love to knit cables. I also enjoy knitting lace, entrelac, socks, mittens, sweaters – especially cardigans. Hats are one thing I knit the most, I think. Colorwork/Fair Isle is not one of my strong suits, although I can do it if I must. I like using affordable yarns. I make no apologies for my choice of yarns. I haven’t met a yarn color that I didn’t like…it depends on my mood. Oh yes, and I absolutely LOVE Ravelry and use the site daily…a lot. Really…I am on there ALL the time.

I love books and am an avid reader. If I am not knitting, most likely I am reading a novel on my Kindle. I love music of all kinds and am attached to my iPod Nano. Nine Inch Nails is my most favorite band. Otherwise, I have eclectic musical tastes. I don’t watch too much television, the occasional movie and a few shows, etc. I do, however, love and watch True Blood religiously. I have been blogging for over 11 years and still enjoy it. I write about my craftiness, cats, with the occasional life stuff thrown in. I also Twitter quite a lot. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic (Juvenile Diabetes) and deal with many health issues from this. I am a huge klutz, not graceful in the least. I usually trip over my own two feet.

Blogging since June 2000.
Tweeting since September 2007.
Ravelry-ing since July 2007.

Likes: knitting, crochet, cross stitching, general craftiness, music, reading, knit designing, yarn, cats, coffee, rain, autumn, summer, knitted hats, greco-roman mythology, medieval history, books, amazon kindle, nine inch nails, 80’s pop, 80’s/90’s alternative, live music/festivals, paganism, buddhism, ravelry.com, movies, ghost hunters, paranormal fiction, vampires, true blood, the outlander book series, bright colors, the city, ikea store, the scent of lavender, gardening, cooking, tinkerbell, fairies, oregon coast, trivia games, scented candles, peppermint tea, thrift stores, flea and farmers markets, vintage buttons, tea pots, german food, occasional wine, meditation, etc.

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