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Feels A Bit Like Summer

The lazy days of Summer seem to have begun. I’ve been having a kind of laid back kind of day, so far. Watched a movie, knitted a bit, cleaned the kitchen, cooking dinner as I type, etc. I haven’t been that lazy, really. Just a relaxed pace…No nap for me today, though.

It’s the weather. It’s sunny and 72 degrees. It makes me want to sit on the back patio and sip iced tea. I love this weather so much. I wish it could last. It’s supposed to drop 10 degrees and rain, tomorrow. I heard on the news that 80 degree temperatures will be here next week. I am crossing my fingers. I’m desperate for some summertime.

Other summertime happenings today. Hannah, the youngest, had her boyfriend over for a visit. He’s a nice kid. Polite and even cute. I promised Han that I would not embarrass her while her boyfriend was over. I refrained…I was good Mama. At once point, this afternoon, there were 4 teenagers upstairs. Two more friends of Hannah’s came over for a bit. I have a feeling this will be a regular summer occurrence. I should get used to it.

This time of the afternoon (after 4pm) I usually get wonky, sleepy. I decided to make some coffee for myself. It was either that or I was going to fall over on the couch for a nap. More coffee, no nap!

Wanna see something funny?

Okay, my cat, Phinn, loves music. He has been this way since he was a tiny kitten. I’m not entirely sure why. As a little kitten he would park himself on my desk when I played music on the speakers. Maybe it was the vibration? I have no idea. He would sleep on my desk as long as the music played.

Fast forward 4 years…I no longer have a desk. I have a laptop instead, that sits on a little IKEA table next to the couch. I will often turn iTunes on and knit…if I am home alone. As soon as I turn the first song on…Phinn comes running to the couch, to sit on the arm, right in front of my laptop. He will sit/lay there as long as I play music. Odd?

I guess it’s as odd as my other cat, Pixie, watching TV. She loves animal programs (PBS, Nat Geo, etc) and she will talk to the television. Once, she was talking to a cat food commercial, because the woman on TV said, “here kitty, kitty, kitty.” Maine Coons are known to be chatterboxes. Yeah, Pix is a very verbal cat. I guess Phinn is musical?

Yes, I have strange cats.

Happy Weekend, everyone.

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