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Knitting With Little Progress

Seriously, I have been knitting quite a lot lately. I spent most of yesterday evening…knitting. I worked on three separate projects. Well, not at the same time.  If only…Then I could get more done.

In this photo…I am working on my lace shawl, the Birch Leaf Shawl. I worked one total repeat, 8 rows while watching Nova on PBS, last night. Yeah, I’m a nerd. I’m knitting this shawl on US # 3 needles. It makes for some really slow progress. My shawl never seems any bigger. ~sigh~

I have two other projects on really small needles. A pair of socks on US # 1 double pointed needles and a hat on US # 2 needles. I am not sure if I am going through a teeny needle phase , or what? I need to knit faster, maybe? I have done all of this knitting and have little progress to show for it.

Ahhh, you can see my favorite pajama pants, in the photo. My pink “peace & love” jammies. There are black peace signs all over it with random “l-o-v-e” written in light blue. I love these pants. I could live in them all the time. I don’t, but I could. 😀

Notice my pale-ness. I need to get out in the sun a bit. IF ONLY the weather would cooperate. I am desperate for Summer and the skies are gray, rainy and it’s downright chilly. I actually wore a hoodie around the apartment, this morning. I was cold and I’ll be damned if I am turning the heater on. It’s June, folks. Crazy weather this year. I am getting the feeling that this Summer is going to be a lot like last year. We didn’t have much of a Summer at all. It was quick and cooler than normal. I hope that I’m wrong. Really, I do.

Oh, I received a letter from Taelor, yesterday afternoon. The oldest daughter seems to be fine and surviving boot camp well, in South Carolina. I worried about the heat and humidity, for her. She would not be used to that type of thing, being from PDX. I also got notification that she graduates from boot camp on September 2nd. I sat down and wrote her a letter too. Now that I have her address. I plan to get into the habit of writing her 2 letter per week, or so. Gah, I miss Tae, terribly. I won’t whine about it…promise.

Yesterday was the last day of school for Portland Public Schools. This means the youngest teen, Hannah, is out of school for the Summer. She will be home driving me nuts and complaining about how bored she is. We are having a movie day, today. We are going to eat popcorn and watch a movie on Netflix. This will be my knitting time later today, I think. Watch a movie and knit. Sounds like a plan.

Is it just me, or is this week flying by? It’s already Thursday. Hmmmm…during the Summer months I tend to loose track of the days. I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are. Until tomorrow…


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