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A True Blood S4 KAL

It’s no secret that I am bonkers over True Blood. It is my one “geek out” thing. Huge fan! Also, TB is the one television show that Hubby and I watch together. We rarely agree on shows, movies, etc. Season 4 of True Blood begins on Sunday, June 26th on HBO. I can’t wait.

I belong to the True Blood group on Ravelry. No surprise there. Every season of the show, there is a knit along (KAL) within the group. Everyone gets together to knit one project, usually vampire themed. This year’s True Blood KAL project is Vlad. The pattern is a free downloadable  lace shawl. It’s very pretty…and vampy.

The yarn I plan to use…Knit Picks Gloss Lace in # 24502 Fiesta (440 yards of yummy merino and silk blend). I love this color of yarn. Red is my favorite color. I have downloaded the pattern already. I have to wind up the yarn and wait for the night of TB S4 premiere on the 26th. Waiting Sucks!

I do have a lot of other projects to finish first. I admit that I have not been that great with the finishing lately. Usually, I am so good with it. I go through phases, I guess. I feel the need to begin new knitting/crochet projects…then I lose steam. I also tend to work on different projects for different moods, reasons, time frame, etc. For example, my Cable Car Coat is buried in my knitting basket. I haven’t worked on it in weeks. Why? Well, it is more of a cooler weather project. I don’t feel like working on it. Socks, Summery things, shawls are what I want to knit right now. I still would love to finish the coat, but it will sit until late Summer, probably.

Am I the only one that knits this way? I’m kind of moody that way, I guess. Okay, enough babbling for his morning. I have oodles to do and knitting to finish before I can begin the Vlad Shawl. I wonder how many projects I can finish before the 26th?

Anyone else joining in the True Blood KAL this season? Do tell…

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