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A Hectic Few Days

It’s been a really hectic few days around here. I have been a bad blogger too. My excuse? I haven’t been online all that much since late last week. My oldest daughter, Taelor, is leaving for boot camp. So, we spent the weekend cleaning out her stuff and packing. I literally spent all day, yesterday, cleaning. We switched bedrooms too. The youngest is technically an only child now…and wanted the smaller bedroom to herself. Hubby and I are back in the larger room. 🙂 YAY! A bigger bedroom in which to breathe in. The only bad thing about the bigger room…the smaller closet. I have downsized my clothes a lot to accommodate that. Once I hang the pictures and pretty things up. I will take bedroom pic, to share.

So, I am all sad today. 😦 We said good bye to Taelor this afternoon. She officially ships out to boot camp tomorrow. I won’t see her until sometime in September. She will then have 10 days at home. After that she will be in more schooling, etc. She doesn’t live at home anymore and this makes me a little sad. My baby has flown the coop. I will probably be sad for a few days…need time to adjust. I’m nervous, excited for her too. I’m all hormonal and emotional right now. I’m a mess in a dress, I tell ya…

I will write more tomorrow, I think. Right now, I want to have some coffee and a moment to relax. I may crochet a bit before dinner too. I hope your weekend has been a good one. Until tomorrow.

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