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A Lot To Process

This week is not looking like my normal routine. It’s all wonky. First, Monday is a holiday and it throws my week off by a day. I’m alright with that. Not complaining.  Hubby took two vacation days from work, today and tomorrow. It was one of those, use your vacation time or loose it, deals. So, he is off from work until Monday. A nice 4 day weekend… This makes my home routine a bit weird. I won’t be online as much, probably. Knitting will be to a minimum. You know?

Everyone in the country is talking about their lovely sweltering, hot, summer-like weather this week. Not here, people. Portland has been chilly, raining and the endless gray. It feels like freaking March around here. I’m tired of it. I enjoy the rain. After all, I do live in the Pacific Northwest, but the weather is bordering on ridiculous.

This photo was taken on the street I live on. Wet and gray…

THIS WEEKEND the weather is supposed to be nice. I am excited for this. The forecast is sunshine and between 80-85. Just to give you a clue on how disgustingly excited I am…It has yet to reach 75 degrees here in Portland this year. OMG, I can wear my new summer dress that I purchased weeks ago. Finally!

Plans for the weekend. I am not entirely sure what we will be doing over the entire weekend. Hubby and I are seriously considering attending the Starlight Parade, downtown on Saturday. It’s part of the Rose Festival celebrations. I’ve never seen the Starlight Parade live. So, it seemed like the thing to see this weekend. I will be bringing my camera with me, of course. AND the weather will be cooperative. No rain!

As far as my “a lot to process” title of this entry…Well, my oldest daughter has joined the US Marines. I have discussed this on my old blog a little bit before. Since joining the Marines…She has been in sort of a holding pattern, waiting for an opening to ship out to boot camp. The opening has finally presented itself. It was way sooner that we all thought it would be. We found out YESTERDAY that Taelor is leaving for South Carolina on Monday, June, 6th. That is only a few days from now. It’s a lot of process for me. I’m excited for her and a bit scared. Tae has never been away from home, aside from spending a few weeks over the summer with her best friend, up in Washington. She is more than ready physically, but mentally? I don’t think she is overly nervous about boot camp. I’m more than freaked out for the both of us. I could barely sleep last night…I know that Taelor will be fine. It’s just…my baby is leaving me. 🙂 It will be an adjustment to only have one child living at home. Four more years and then the youngest will be going off to college. Imagine my neurosis when I have an empty nest…finally. LOL!

Lastly, I leave you will a bit of cuteness. Phinnegan fell asleep, this morning, next to my knitting basket. He is such a boy. He can fall asleep anywhere. It’s the same for Hubby. He can sleep most anywhere.

Enough rambling for this morning. I have a few home chores to do. Damn dishes sitting in the sink. I am not sure what the rest of my day holds. Just trying to keep busy. Less time to think. Have a great day, everyone.

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