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Day Of Domestics

It’s back to the routine, after a three day weekend. It’s hard for me to get back into the swing of things. It’s hard to get into the “Summer feel” of things too. It’s cloudy, cool and rainy here. Blegh, I say. I do have my back patio door open right now. It’s 56 degrees and the sun is shining for the moment. Give it five minutes and it will be raining. It’s one of those weird weather days.

So, in an effort to get back to the norm. I’ve been knitting on my lace shawl and cooking. I cleaned a lot of the apartment up, yesterday. That saved me from doing the cleaning today. More time to knit. I have three projects that I am working on in a “current” capacity. The Birch Leaf Lace Shawl. A pair of socks, which are a new design of mine. I am also knitting on the Sage Remedy Top. I knit on these projects at different points of my day. A little here and a little there. I haven’t been working on anything quick and easy. I haven’t finished a project since early May. I am thinking of looking up some hats appropriate for short hair. Any ideas?

What have I been cooking ALL Day? I am trying another new recipe. I’m making Vegetarian Chili, from scratch. I’ve been chopping, cooking since about 10 am, this morning. All day simmering. The yummy smell has been driving me crazy for the last hour or so. There are four different kind of beans, chopped onions, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes, etc. Also, the seasonings…

I will be serving this tonight with some cornbread. 😛 YUM!

So, that’s my day for today. The house stuff, some knitting and cooking. Some might find this a bit boring, but I like it. My fun and excitement can sometimes be…if my chili turns out awesome.

Alright, I am off to clean up the kitchen before dinner. Clean out the cat box. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a shower for myself?

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