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Getting Used To The Hair

Hubby and I went downtown for a little while, this afternoon. I am still getting used to the short hair. I am not sure having short hair makes my “get ready” time any shorter? I spend less time on the hair. I have been trying to wear make up more often. I have make up…just need to make a point to use more than once every 6 months, you know? Since cutting my hair off last Tuesday…I have worn makeup three times. Go me! 🙂

I saw a lot of women, downtown with short hair cuts. It seems to be the popular thing to do…cut off the hair. On the bus, into the city, there were four of us with short hair. Interesting…

So, this is what I looked like when I left the apartment. I wore a black/purple print, cowl neck dress. I wore some light blue dangly earrings and black flats, a.k.a. my walking shoes. When you walk around downtown…you need good walking shoes. Trust me.

Hubby and I are home alone tonight. No kids. This makes me happy. We are rarely home alone anymore. What shall we do with ourselves? Most likely we will watch a movie on Netflix, have some alcohol and chill out on the couch. Parrrrr-tayyyy! 😛

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  1. Jaime
    May 30, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Your hair is so cute and I love those earrings! And I know what you mean about the makeup and stuff. Since cutting mine, I’ve actually started wearing pink on occasion. And earrrings! *GASP* LOL! I think I actually spend more time on my hair now, but the savings on shampoo, conditioner, product and most of all, the water (only two gallons needed,) have been amazing.

    HUGS! 😀

    • May 31, 2011 at 8:10 am

      Thanks J. As time passes, the short hair is much nicer to deal with. I am still trying out different styling products to see which ones I like. With short hair, there is a whole other world of things to use. I use WAY less shampoo and conditioner. I love that! 😀

      I hope your weather has cooled down a little. We are still chilly and rain. (52 and raining, this morning) I heard that we could be in the 70-80 range later this week. I won’t hold my breath, though. LOL!

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